Metric Engine Monograph

ME Cover 300 dpi
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  • Preface


  • Quantification: The Basis of Business Measurement
  • The Assembly of Data: A Manufactured Goods Warehouse Analogy

The Historical Process

  • Obstructions: Impediments to Accuracy, Completeness, Transparency, Timeliness, Availability, and Cost-Effectiveness
  • Origins of Understanding: Transactions to Balances
  • Clarity: Transparency, Traceability and Repeatability
  • Posting and Reconciliation: The Original Business Systems
  • Proliferation: Duplicative Data Supply Chains
  • Time Zones and Clock Speeds: The Periodicity of Reporting

An Alternative Approach

  • JIT Manufacturing: Just-In-Time Analysis
  • The Metric Engine: Trusted, Aggregated, Structured Data
  • Gathering Transactions: Data Supply Chain Part 1
  • Low-Level Posting Data Supply Chain Part 2
  • High-Level Aggregation: Data Supply Chain Part 3
  • Scale: Producing the Goods


  • Data Reactive Functions: Major Data Supply Chains
  • Consolidation: The Impact of Change