Here are links to my two books, Balancing Act which is a textbook, and Metric Engine, which is a short monograph

Balancing Act Cover Final 4.29.2015 600 dpi

Balancing Act is the story of  the journey from eager student to accomplished expert in reporting and analytics, focused on Business Event Based Insights, explaining computers, data and accounting principles of accountancy and information systems through an engaging narrative of a personal discovery guided by mentors and with real world examples.

ME Cover 300 dpi

Metric Engine:  Reinventing the Data Supply Chains for Business explores a discipline—quantitative business analytics—that is ripe for a disruptive technology.  Metric-generating systems, like finance, risk, and MIS, were among the first business systems automated, and their fragmented architectures and disorganized data structures can no longer meet the growing demands of the 21st Century enterprise.  The principles described in this book show how to meet these demands, with systems every bit as radical as Internet search engines have been, and with as far-reaching consequences.