Shared Ledger R&D Results: A Recent Expert Review

Today I’m releasing what I think is a very comprehensive view of my work efforts over the last number of years on ledger reinvention.  This is a video filmed in May at a presentation to alum of Geneva/SAFR practice from 30 years of work together.

This wide ranging discussion covers topics such as

  • What is the purpose of the General Ledger,
  • What is the CFO’s challenge in reinventing ledgers,
  • What a real shared ledger would look like, including prototyping screens,
  • Why do systems maintain balances,
  • How does one measure the cost of what financial systems or ledgers do,
  • Progression how a shared ledger will end up getting developed, and other topics.

This is episode 178 of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is. Literally learn more–about ledgers and financial systems–at

Although abridged, it is comprehensive, and audience comments still perceptible. The full presentation with participant comments are accessible here.

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