Teacher-Student Interactions: A Conversation with Dr. Eric Denna

Today is the 200th Episode of Conversations with Kip. As a tribute, I am starting to release a set of segments of my conversation 18 months ago with Dr. Eric Denna, perhaps my first professional mentor.

In January 1988 Eric was a newly minted PhD in financial systems, having studied under Dr. William McCarthy at Michigan St. University. As a student at Brigham Young University, I was in Eric’s first systems class. It started me on professional journey that has now lasted over thirty two years for me.

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In today’s episode, we reflect upon a couple of those early interactions, one highlighting my…irreverence, one might call it, for how Eric was attempting to change our opinion of how financial systems could be constructed; and the other demonstrating Eric’s deep reverence for the influence of God even in the matter of something so profane as talking about financial systems.

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I have adopted whole-heartedly Eric’s passion that things can change, and his respect for the influence of God in our lives to make sure those changes are for the better.

I appreciate all of you have watched Conversations with Kip, encouraged me in doing this, and improving it. I appreciate all who have mentored and taught me, my employers who have allowed me to explored these systems, and my customers who have trusted me in helping them with their systems.

I also appreciate Eric’s early focused interest in me, and his subsequent quiet encouragement and support.

This is Episode 200 of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is. For those very interested in this, I have also released the full conversation here. Literally learn more–about ledgers and financial systems–at FinancialSystemsEducation.com.

Watch all episodes in order at the Conversations with Kip Playlist

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