A Mentor Memorial: Douglas F. Kunkel

December 5th 2017 marks the five year passing of my good friend and a mentor Doug Kunkel. Doug was an unusual man in that he was a partner in a large, international accounting firm, but also wrote code–very good code, which is still used in major corporate financial systems.

But more than what he achieved in a professional sense, Doug was also a great human to know. He was humorous, honest, kind but also expected results, at times technically fearless, and a great teacher.

Mentors have made a world of difference to me in my profession. Someone once told me that if you think you’ll be missed when you leave work, pull your hand from a bucket of water as fast as you can: the hole you leave will be how much you will be missed. If you wish to leave a longer legacy, mentor someone–your influence will endure for the length of their career as well; and perhaps through them to others.

You can watch the tribute here. In this video Doug is paying tribute to someone that could be considered his mentor as well, Rick Roth. Doug passed on what he was given.

This is episode 93 of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is.

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