Financial System Controls, Services, and History

Today we conclude our series on Historical IBM Videos, and how they inform us of what tomorrow’s systems must do. I’m releasing four videos:

    • The first explores the current implication of the control and reconciliation processes shown in the IBM Historical Banking Movies. People will not trust their finances to systems that are not well controlled. Watch my commentary here.
    • The second is an abridged version of multiple movies which shows the control processes in detail. Watch the abridged content here.
    • The third focuses on ideas behind the products. I have seen many new ideas over the years; often they are pasted onto existing products, rather than affecting the core. Evaluate the real philosophy behind the product to determine if it will be a good solution for your problem. Watch the video here.
    • The fourth is a simple cartoon history of the banking industry. Our systems are built within an industry context. Understand the industry to understand it’s needs. Watch the video here.

These are episode 92 of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is.

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