Gratitude for Teachers, and Career Advice to High Schoolers


Today I was asked to present to a math class at a local high school how my career had developed, and some advice on how they might think about college and future work. Perhaps my hour lecture ideas might be helpful to others.

In it I talk about my background, tell a couple of funny stories about travel, discuss blockchain and financial systems, and give some advice on having an abundance mentality and maintaining important relationships. I was impressed by the questions of the students.

The student reaction to one comment I made surprised me. Near the end I was telling them how fortunate they are to be who they are, and have the privileges they have. In that moment I said, “And you’re fortunate to have this man who shows up every day as your teacher.” They began to applaud. It touched me.

I did not know their teacher, but I knew he was a teacher. I have respect for teachers. I have a family history of teachers, both ancestors and descendants. I’m grateful for teachers.

Perhaps on this Memorial Day, I can remember those who have taught me, like Vern Gardner, and Henry Parker. And perhaps you might take a moment to remember and thank one of your teachers.

This is a special episode of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is.

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