Feelings about Business Travel

This week’s episode discusses my feelings about business travel, and what business travel is really like.

In a presentation eighteen months ago, I talked to some high school students about business travel. You can hear what I said at this link. Gratitude for Teachers and Career Advice to High Schoolers.

In that presentation, I showed two slides that give some sense of the extent of my business travels.

My Business Travel Experience

The following slide gives a sense that not all business travel is a lot of fun. From spending a lot of time in a very small space on planes (I suspect I have spent less than 5% of my travel in business or first class; consistently traveling in inexpensive economy, even for Trans-Pacific or Trans-Atlantic flights), to not really seeing many tourist sites as my family desires to see my face rather than staying on weekends, to just the problems that come with uncertainty with travel always involved.

But notwithstanding the problems involved, there are benefits that come from business travel.

The major one is we learn things we cannot learn on a phone call, about people, about the situation on the ground, about the subject matter we are dealing with, and how it relates to others in another place.

If I had not done the travel I have done, I never would have come to understand the problems to the depth I feel I have.

This is Episode 191 of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is. Literally learn more–about ledgers and financial systems–at FinancialSystemsEducation.com.

Watch all episodes in order at the Conversations With Kip Playlist.

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