Your Data is Key to Your New ERP Package

As Pete Galbo told me a few years ago as we discussed a client who had embarked on a long journey of evaluating ERP packages for General Ledger and related reporting problems, “Unfortunately, you can’t purchase an ERP package with your data in it.”

Having lived through a major ERP implementation, he was completely right.  Most projects begin by recognizing there are limitations in the data captured and used today; but soon the project turns to completely focus on the new package, features, screens, functions, usability.

But none of those things will make any difference to the data your company already has, and that, for the most part, you will have to put into the ERP package to start using it.

Focusing on your data helps to prevent becoming lost in package features, and will do more to solve finance problems than any other single effort.

Here are some principles to keep in mind:

CwK E262 ERP Data Reactive Function TN

The principles outlined in this white paper are important to understand in any financial system implementation.

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