Tabulating System Metadata

In the final episode about how many of our financial systems are based upon tabulating system principles, we’ll discuss how to detect more specific information about those specific programs.

Finding the posting programs within tabulating systems is an important pillar of understanding; many other processes hang off the posting program.  Edit process precede posting, reporting typically follows.

In looking for the posting programs, there is typically program information available that makes detecting them easier. The programs will contain field and file names in the top of the program.  Inspecting field names, looking for similar field names in copy books for the three major files–input balances, input transactions, output balances–can hint at their relationships, giving a sense of how the posting process is accomplished.

In today’s modern systems, this type of program information is called “Metadata.” Other aspects of meta data include scripts which run these programs, scheduling information, file names, and comments.

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