Financial System Changes: Conversation with Eric Denna Part 6

Continuing my conversation with Dr. Eric Denna, in this episode we highlight the difficulty in changing the basic way our financial systems work, but also noting that they are ripe for disruption.

I noted years ago that one of Eric’s first book “went so far as to call for a revolution in accounting systems architecture. There was a call to arms, but the fortress of accumulated lines of code and embedded business processes repulsed the attack.” (Balancing Act, Chapter 1) That was thirty years ago.

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But the pressure keeps building, just like in a fault-line, and at some point the small changes that have accumulated along the way force a change, which in some cases are sizable changes appearing very suddenly.

This is Episode 205 of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is. The full interview can be viewed here. Literally learn more–about ledgers and financial systems–at

Watch all episodes in order at Conversations with Kip Playlist.

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