Innovation Theater as Opposed to Real Innovation

An actual security expert one time described much of what happens in airport security as “security theater,” done in a very public way to give the impression of a lot of security when in fact, it doesn’t add that much security to anything.

Today’s episode of Conversations with Kip discusses the idea of Innovation Theater, as opposed to real innovation. Innovation Theater at times is gathering a group of people, allocating an hour, perhaps more, or perhaps even less, and putting the word “innovation” in the agenda of the meeting.

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Real innovation is much harder than that, just like real security. It takes commitment to change over a longer period of time; it often exploits the gaps between existing domains of knowledge and expertise; it requires experts in those fields to perhaps cross train or immerse themselves in something deeper; it requires patience for failure, by those responsible for funding and those who are leading the efforts.

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It’s easy, in retrospect, to pick out moments when the inspiration came, and the surges forward happened. But those moments don’t happen completely disconnected from the surrounding moments of mundaneness.

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