Of course what is written in this book is not the work of only a few people. Building SAFR and implementing it against real world problems has involved hundreds of people. Some portion of those people have worked with the tool long enough to be listed on a team roster of some kind. Some continued for years; others only for the length of the project. I am appreciative of the hard work by these people. The following is a list of individuals from the Geneva System Group formation July 1993 through acquisition of the tool by IBM on October 2nd, 2002.

Early projects brought to the team Rick Roth and Doug Kunkel from State of Alaska of course as well as quite a number of future PW partners who were consistent boosters and supporters, Jay Poulos, David “Murph” Murphy, Mukesh Patel, Randall Ness, Julia Braun Roth, and William “Bill” Bengtson from State of Oregon, Renae Bell from State of Washington and Mike Tabb, Tony Talarico, and Jeff Gibbs from the State of Wyoming projects.

The development team in Sacramento included Brandy Smith, Clyde Simmons, Rob Clark, Monica Logan and Chris Stallman (both starting on the same day), Mona Breed, Cheryl Gentsch, Dave Haws, Spiros Velianitis, Barry Arabi, Mark Ashton, and for a few weeks in system testing with unforgettable first names: Nikki, Nicky, and Nicole. David Colpitts kept the mainframe running, and I always enjoyed calling Kip Powell for networking help.

A large US insurer independently came to the idea of an event-based architecture, and readily adopted the tool, folding in a very large set of capable team members through a number of projects, including Mike Schroeck, Peter Corbett, Lynnette Groves Zuccala, Anthony Boles, Sue Francis Fox, Greg Forsythe, Mark Kimmell, Mark Thyen, Laurie Lesniak, Wendy Lucas, Michael Shapiro, Jim Hladyshewsky, Mark Cederberg, Danielle Paquette Dulzer, Jerry Canterbury, Devin Brand, Tori Arnold McLaughlin, Fred Horwitz, Chad Williams, Michael Perez, Chandra Devarkonda, Michael Depodesta, Udayraj Nair, Paul Pace, Bill Garrison, Dean Lima, Matt Paliulis, Michael Vilhauer, Paula Shippee, Melissa Cox, Carrie Nisenholz, Michele O’Reilly, Ganesh Narayan, Choo Lee, Valerie Brown, Angie Degooyer, Denise Buchanan, Shannon Walker, Ann Randall, Amit Trehan, Tom Pozdol, Ravi Challagondla, Jeffrie Horner, and Vinod K Yada. And let’s not forget Jeremy, although obviously we’re beginning to.

Other projects included Paul Neary, Phillip Upton, and Gary Smith from Pharmaceutical Litigation Support Data Warehouse; Gary Spears, Kerri Meeks, Robert Frazier, Howard Joyce, Maya Davis, Robert Lippman, Rashad Khan and Steve Owens from the cookie manufacturer; Bill Ramsden, Dave Padmos, Mike Phelps, Linda Trieu from the computer chip manufacturer; Troy Deck and the Wingspan team, Al Sung, Tata Rao, Sherwood Daniels, Meri-Ellen Cain, Scott Pankoff from a Global Investment Bank; Rakesh Kant and Todd Topolski from a data integration company, Sam Kahng from the airline project, Bob Beech and the team at Digineer, Anthony “Tony” Minetti, Jr., Ben Yen, Bridgette Wage, Neil Cook, Mazen Mahmoud, Steve Graham, and Seth Weis from PwC’s Global Financial Data Warehouse project.

Client team members may exceed the total of those listed above in implementing the system. Many ideas of how the tool can be applied and enhancements came from them. Many of them teased out significant architectural approaches to problems. The following are a selection of those team members who have been involved with the tool over multiple years. Don Wanie, Debbie Bump, Guy Warren, and Paul Diebels from Alaska, Doug Goldbach from Oregon, Charles Weber and Christine McDonald at proxy balloting processing company, Dimitri Kerrigan at the cookie manufacturer, Farrokh Sinai at a large regional bank, and Lloyd Jackson, Greg Michaels, Vanessa Menke, Lynn Kilhoffer, Kevin Bly, Byron Bordt, Andrea Orth, Scott Penland, Dan Vieth, and Steven Frobish from the insurance company, where Jim Dammeyer kept the mainframes humming.

The latest version of a financial management solution was built by a very large team on the FTP project. Thank you to Jeff Wolfers for empowering me to build the system, reading a very early draft of this work and encouraging me to explain the ideas more clearly. David Willis mentored me through leading a large team and taught me how to survive. Pete Galbo, Mike Mann, and John Pope at times challenged me to deliver on the promises of the idea, all the while fundamentally pulling for my success. I was supported by a tremendous set of individuals on the architectural team, including Dan Aminoff, Gary Kuechle and Greg Forsythe from the client and others, and a very dedicated management team in MaryAnn Kreamer, Dorrie Ihle, Andy Wells, Aileen Stewart and Mike Blom. It was painful enough that at times in the midst of it we all felt “somwthing went wrong [sic].”

The IBM team members on the FTP project and other SAFR team members in alphabetical order as of June 1 2009 include: Abhay Kumar, Al Sung, Amit Trehan, Amy Y Huang, Angela Liang, Ann Randall, Anoop K Sharma, Anthony “Tony” Minetti, Jr., Archana Dasar, Bharat Shah, Bill Lewis, Bill Yankowiak, Burt Phannemiller, Chandra Devarkonda, Chris Stallman , Daniel Cho, David “Murph” Murphy, Debarati Parui, Devin Brand, Devyani Sahasrabudhe, Dilip Sanchora, Doreen Rose, Doug Kunkel, Elana R Dunn, Eric Levy, Fred Horwitz, Greg Forsythe, Greg Halper, Greg Shipley, Hal Davis, Howard Reba, Ian Cunningham, Igor Urisman, Jason C Bryfogle, Jay Poulos, Jaydeep Marumale, Jeffrie Horner, Jennifer Wells, Jerry Canterbury, John Dravnieks, John Kaputin, John Buersmeyer, Jonathan Goffin, Jonathan Losh, Kanchan Rauthan, Kaushik Lala, Keith Barlow, Lan-Huong Nguyen, Larissa Razumovskiy, Laurie Lesniak, Manoj N Duse, Marjorie Galban, Megha Sethi, Michael Barrett-Lennard, Michael Perez, Michael Shapiro, Mihail Laftchiyski, Mohana Tenepalli, Monica Logan , Mukesh Patel, Mustufa Kasidwala, Neha Pardeshi, Neil Bloomfield, Nick Rimmer, Nigel Clark, Nikita Balakrishnan, Paresh Thatte, Patrick O Gan, Peter Cook, Pothalaiah Pasuluru, Pradeep Thirunagari, Priyamvada S Kale, Quinn Lui, Randall Ness, Ravi Challagondla, Rick Maynard, Richa Sinha, Rick Roth, Rob Saarva, Rohan Dhekane, Rushikesh Vyas, Sachin Khasgiwal, Sahn Nguyen, Sandeep Bs Gunjal, Sandeep J Gore, Sanjay Gulati, Santhosh Bhukya, Shailaja Khadilkar, Sherry Gola, Shruti Shukla, Sidharth Srivastava, Sreenivasan V Raghavan, Srini Murarisetty., Steven Brown, Suneetha Pampana, Susan McHugh, Tata Rao, Todd Topolski, Tom Pozdol, Uday Dixit, Vamshikrishna Asam, Varun Sharma, Vindisha Poojary, Vinod K Yada, and Yesh Tyagi.

Thank you to James Cortada and Barbara Nevergold for encouraging me to write and publish the work; Susan McHugh for assistance with footnote editing and graphics; Kevin Young for the references to the Ascendant Method material; and Devesh Nakra for developing the final Financial Management and Risk Solution graphic.

Laurie Lesniak’s consistent encouragement, as well as acting as editor, typist, graphics processor and advisor pulled me though many weeks of doubt and discouragement.

The day I went to BYU to read McCarthy’s paper again for the first time in years, I stopped by my consulting professor’s office, J. Owen Cherrington who was in the prime of his life, but is now no longer with us. He kindly gave me a copy of his and Eric’s textbook. I have thought of it as a symbolic act in passing on what he knew of these topics. I thank him for being a quiet mentor.

Finally, since this work is somewhat autobiographical, it might not be inappropriate to express sincere gratitude to my father, Bob, who taught me to work, my wife, Kari, my partner in it, and my brother, Lane, who told me to write about it.