Introduction to a Metric Engine

My new video describes what a metric engine–as opposed to a search engine–would look like.  Think of your world before or without a search engine; how difficult getting  information would be.  But search engines primarily deliver textual data, not metric, not quantitative data.  A metric engine might have far reaching an impacts, like a search engine, and perhaps even more because the vast majority of … Continue reading Introduction to a Metric Engine

Data Supply Chains Defined

I’ve released Episode 9 of Conversations with Kip, Data Supply Chain Defined here YouTube Video Link.  It covers Finance, Performance Management, Risk and Customer Analytics,  and briefly shows the impact of them on reporting quality.    I think Conversations with Kip is the best financial system vlog there is (well, yes, I know, it is perhaps the only financial systems vlog there is) Continue reading Data Supply Chains Defined