ERP Package: My Way or Highway

This week’s episode characterizes one type of ERP Vendor often used in major corporations for finance functions, which is highly integrated but also quite prescriptive in approach. Vendor’s specialize in particular processes or industries; competition means no one is great at everything.  It the package does what you need to have done, then great.  If not, it is most often expensive to buy something that … Continue reading ERP Package: My Way or Highway

Vendor Choice in ERP Selection

This week’s episode is in response to a request from Brazil to assist a customer in ERP package selection.  The first point I make when approaching such a question is asking the customer to be clear about what problem they are trying to solve. It is likely customers are hoping to solve problems in all three of these domains, and an ERP implementation project will … Continue reading Vendor Choice in ERP Selection

“Show Me the Money” with Jim Hladyshewsky

This week’s episode of Conversations with Kip is a conversation with Jim Hladyshewsky about his first assignment with the SAFR team, called “Show me the Money”, what now might be called a data science method for financial data. Show me the Money is a way of rapidly determining business rules and logic for posting processes without reading code.  It recognizes that patterns of financial systems … Continue reading “Show Me the Money” with Jim Hladyshewsky

Blockchain Gap: Trust and Efficiency

I’ve taken a few weeks break from the blog, considering what to do next about financial systems. Today’s video though makes clear the major gap I see in blockchain. Trust is at the core of the efficiency of today’s financial and business systems.  But blockchain, as developed by Bitcoin, is premised on a “trustless” system. One of the significant promises of blockchain is greater efficiency. … Continue reading Blockchain Gap: Trust and Efficiency