Social Benefits of Trustworthiness

To many, trustworthiness seems pretty old fashioned; so old that it is perceived as a competitive disadvantage. Someone who doesn’t care about honesty can do anything they like; they aren’t constrained in their choices. This is mistaken thinking. Trustworthiness generates greater efficiencies than will ever be available to the untrustworthy. Book-length contracts can be reduced to a conversation and a handshake. Expensive enforcement processes can … Continue reading Social Benefits of Trustworthiness

Conversation with Randall: History of Geneva and SAFR

This week’s episode is a conversation with the Chief Architect of the Geneva, later IBM’s SAFR (Scalable Architecture for Financial Reporting) Product, about its history and the principles behind it. SAFR was highly influenced by the ideas of Business Event Based systems, or REAdeveloped William McCarthy. It has been used in some very large, well-known organizations. It has been using Big Data techniques long before … Continue reading Conversation with Randall: History of Geneva and SAFR

Data Discovery: Show me the money

This week’s discussion outlines a very effective form of data discovery, but one which I find is not usually employed. It uses financial knowledge to understand the relationship of transactions to balances. This relationship would have been clearly understood by professionals 50 years ago, but has slowly been diminished as we have had more and more computing capacity, which has allowed us to do things … Continue reading Data Discovery: Show me the money