A Conversation with Mauricio Magaldi Suguihura

This week’s Conversation with Kip is an actual conversation with #Maurício Magaldi Suguihura, an IBM consultant, about financial data, behavioral analytics, and IFRS 15 and the needs and uses of more detailed quantitative data. Episode 74 of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is. Watch it here. Continue reading A Conversation with Mauricio Magaldi Suguihura

Artificial Intelligence and Reclass

I happy to be able to announce a new set of on-line training courses around my series and my books. You can access them at finsysvlogger.thinkific.com. They are free. They include courses on simple accounting principles, financial data fundamentals, big data computer principles. The advanced course covers financial system reclass problems. I’d love feedback on their usefulness and others you think I should develop. This … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Reclass