Financial Reporting in 1961

Today’s episode of Conversations with Kip explores what financial reporting looked like in 1961 using an IBM historical film, “The IBM MICR Banking Solution” and the 1959 video already released. Within this video you’ll get a sense of the types of reports that were needed in the early days, and which are still produced in today banking and financial systems.

The principles behind financial reporting have not changed very much in the last 5 or 6 decades. We would do well to understand those principles if we hope to improve the systems that were originally built.

You can watch the abridged reporting portions of this week’s historical video here. My commentary on this video is here. If you want to watch the full historical video, it is located here. These videos are copyrighted by IBM, used by permission.

This is episode 88 of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is.

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