Modern Day Data Capture Processes

This week’s episode of Conversation with Kip explores the current implication of the data capture processes shown in the IBM Historical Banking Movies, including the 1977 IBM Historical Optical Character Recognition System. Our systems today still copy and reformat data from source systems into every major data supply chain, similar to the concepts noted in the historical films.

I think the principle highlighted by the bank executive is still relevant today: Think about the process from beginning to end. The consolidated data supply chain concept helps drive that sort of thinking; not myopic focus on ETL, or Accounting Rules, or Posting, or just Analytics and Machine Learning. What happens to the data from end to end, from record to report.

An abridged version of the 1977 film is here. My commentary on the current meaning of capture processes is here. You can watch the entire 1977 film here.

This is Episode 89 of Conversations with Kip, the best financial system vlog there is.

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