Finance Inventory: Master Files

This week’s episodes builds on an idea from Episode 98 Balances are the Inventory of Finance. Where are these balances maintained? Many are maintained in things called ledgers. But they are also at times simply called Master Files. Finance certainly facilitates accurate recording of transactions. But little reporting is done about transactions themselves. People are interested in balances–something that states a position as of some … Continue reading Finance Inventory: Master Files

The Problem with Financial Systems: An Overview

This week I release a discussion I had on the fundamental problems with financial systems held in Bangalore, India on April 10, 2018. To make the concept more approachable, I use personal financial examples to explain the structure of our financial data, and many of my quantitative insights about the nature of our financial systems problems. The following is an outline of the discussion. In … Continue reading The Problem with Financial Systems: An Overview

Simple Financial System Proof of Concept

In order to make my vlog and blog more useful, I have started a new video series call Coding with Kip. The format of this series will be more technically focused, and will be a longer format to go more in-depth. The initial videos, four parts, are described here. Starting in July 2017 I created a very simple financial system proof of concept (POC). The … Continue reading Simple Financial System Proof of Concept

Balances in Financial Services Sectors

This week’s episode focuses on the data required three major financial services sectors, Financial Markets, Banking, and Insurance, focusing on the need for various balances, and length of time in perspectives. Financial Markets–effective any traded financial asset–typically has the highest turnover in data, and perhaps the lowest need for balances of various types.  Trades may be made and sold frequently; transactions may not be accumulated … Continue reading Balances in Financial Services Sectors

Proposed TED Talk for High School Freshman: Ledger Innovation

I recently was asked to present for a second time about my career to a local high school freshman class, and wondered if I could make the subject matter interesting. So I spoke in the form of a proposed TED Talk on financial systems and ledgers. I talked about how computers have changed the world in the course of my lifetime; I asked them for … Continue reading Proposed TED Talk for High School Freshman: Ledger Innovation

Consider the Punch Card

Today’s banking and financial systems were by and large automated in the 1970s and early 1980; the process began in the late 1950 and through the 1960s.  I find it helpful to reduce the problem of what the systems do down to the most basic elements in considering the financial patterns involved. And what might be the most basic element?  In many respects, to state … Continue reading Consider the Punch Card