Introduction to FPEM: Financial Period End Management

Over the last six months I’ve worked with a new vendor in the financial system space, Svayam Infoware, headed by Rakesh Kant. His platform has many of the characteristics I’ve talked about in my vlog, including: A Metric Engine Universal Ledger, and Integrated General and Sub-ledger environment. The following video gives a sense of the system in action. Context Let’s put this system into context. … Continue reading Introduction to FPEM: Financial Period End Management

Blockchain Gap: Posting Process

We’ve discussed the blockchain gaps of liquidity management, double entry accounting, and reporting integration.  This week’s episode discusses posting processes. The purpose of posting processes is almost forgotten in today’s world of ubiquitous computing.  But they are still used in nearly every major business process–every ledger–to state a position as of a point in time. All analytical processes begin with a balance, with a position. … Continue reading Blockchain Gap: Posting Process