z/OS on Vagrant: A Personal Mainframe

Building on other POC projects, including the short Raspberry Pi experimentation, and the longer Universal Ledger Infrastructure project, I have recently experimented with a personal mainframe system. These systems are not new developments, having been around for more than a decade. I did add one twist I think, making it run on Vagrant as a VM. Hercules z/OS VM Container “Hercules is an open source … Continue reading z/OS on Vagrant: A Personal Mainframe

Scala on z

In this episode of Coding with Kip, I demonstrate the results of a proof of concept work effort the summer of 2018, showing that using Scala on z/OS is possible. The video shows the following GitHub can be used on the z/OS Unix System Services linux component. Builds in this environment can be done using Maven. The resulting Java JAR file can be executed in … Continue reading Scala on z