Innovation Theater as Opposed to Real Innovation

An actual security expert one time described much of what happens in airport security as “security theater,” done in a very public way to give the impression of a lot of security when in fact, it doesn’t add that much security to anything. Today’s episode of Conversations with Kip discusses the idea of Innovation Theater, as opposed to real innovation. Innovation Theater at times is … Continue reading Innovation Theater as Opposed to Real Innovation

Who’s Invited to Innovate?

This week let’s discuss the innovation process. I’ve found that meetings, particularly face-to-face meetings, can be very helpful in finding ways to solve difficult problems through innovation. A face-to-face meeting helps to focus the participants on the problem, by having them with each other. Proximity is a large determinant of priority, and when people come together for a meeting, it is a little bit harder … Continue reading Who’s Invited to Innovate?